I am Naturally Curious.

You probably already guessed it: The blog name Naturally Curious came about because I was curious about the hair that naturally grew out of my scalp. After seeing the beautiful natural tresses of my mom, my sister, and a few of my aunts, and after years of beating my new growth into submission with relaxers and heat - I was simply curious about what my natural hair looked and felt like.

But as it turns out, my curiosity didn't end there. Growth. Length retention. Products. Ingredients. My multiple textures. It turns out that my natural hair has a unique and complex personality of her own. And I've been trying to figure her out since.

I started this blog to document my hair journey and other lifestyle tidbits as I learn to care for my natural hair and enjoy it at the same time. I also use this space to document my growth through pictures and video in a format that makes it easy to share with others. Others like you. Because my guess is, you're here because you're naturally curious too.

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Meet My Hair.

Major Milestones + Links
Last Relaxer: February 2010
Duration of Transition: 10 months
Big Chopped: December 21, 2010 
Video: Transition Journey + Year 1 Growth
Started blogging: January 2011
Started making Youtube videos: December 2011
My Current Staples

Blog Photography
Editor's Note: All Photos on this blog are taken by me, unless otherwise noted or credited. Please do not remove any watermarks. Any use of these photos requires express permission from me as well as a photo credit or link back to this blog. If you'd like to request permission to use any of my photos, simply send me an email :)
Capture: I alternate between my Nikon D3000 (kit lens + 55-200mm lens) and my Canon Rebel T3i (kit lens + 50mm f/1.8 lens)
Edit: iPhoto and Photoshop CS3

Youtube Videos
My YouTube channel is an extension of my blog and serves as a creative space for me to share pieces of my journey through video. Feel free to share my videos - no need to ask permission :)
Capture: I use my Canon Rebel T3i (kit lens + 50mm f/1.8 lens)
Edit: iMovie '09, iMovie '11 and dabbling in Final Cut Pro
Music: I typically purchase royalty-free tracks or use music with permission via Creative Commons license.

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