Braidout Girl At Heart

Sunday, September 06, 2015

At the beginning of my natural journey, I was totally a wash and go girl. That was due in part to my shorter length and the fact that I was really excited (read: obsessed) about learning my natural texture and experimenting with trying different product combinations to style my natural curls. But as my hair grew and as I finally figured out a hair styling routine that worked for me, I found braidouts to be my go-to style (after the Bun of course...LOL). I remember absolutely hating braidouts when my hair was shorter because I had to do way more braids for the resulting braidout to look right. But with more length, I found I was able get the braid out look I liked with only 6 - 8 braids. Today's braid out look was no different. I generally prefer the look of a chunkier braid out, and I am not that particular about perfect definition. I achieved this braid out with 8 braids, braiding on dry stretched hair using only one product: Oyin Hair Dew (My long time hair boo). I usually try to leave the braids in overnight - or at least for 2 to 3 hours - so that they get a good set. The first three pics above are my separated, fluffed braid out, which will continue to get more fluffy and big with time. The last photo above is my unseparated braidout. This is the typical definition I get at take down. What's your go-to style?

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