Color Story: Black + Gold

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It wasn't until I recently updated my Frends Layla headphones with new caps in Black Enamel that it totally hit me: I really love the combination of black and gold. As a result, I find myself naturally drawn to clothes and accessories that feature this luxe color combination. It didn't take me long to rummage through my closet and accessories stash to discover this collection of black and gold treasures that I absolutely love! I'm especially excited to share these photos because they were all completely shot on my iPhone :) Here are the photo details:

1. Bebe Gold shackle heels
2. Zara Clutch 
3. Frends Layla headphones with Black Enamel caps
4. Henri Bendel mini wallet
5. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Fragrance Rollerball 
6. Anne Klein watch
7. Calvin Klein gold studded black tank

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