The Little Bantu Knotout That Could

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Don't let the big smiles fool you - I wasn't too thrilled with my hair today. I wouldn't go as far as to classify this as a bantu knotout "fail", but it definitely didn't come out the way I usually like my bantu knotouts: big and fluffy with chunky, loosely defined sections (like my Queen of Hearts bantu knotout). And that's because I did this bantu knot set on wet hair instead of dry hair. Every time I bantu knot on wet hair, my bantu knots almost never dry completely - usually leading to lots of weirdly shaped shrunken frizz all over my head. I actually don't mind frizz or shrinkage, but frizzy shrinkage? No ma'am! In this case, I sat under the dryer for two hours and then allowed my bantu knots to continue air drying overnight. But as predicted, the next morning some of the sections were still damp at takedown. After lots and lots of fluffing I was able to mold my hair into a shape that was presentable for work. And as the curls (and the frizz) began to fall a little bit as the day went on, this little bantu knot out that could grew on me. Just a little.

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