Style Trial: Textured Faux Hawk (Janelle Monáe Primetime Video Inspired)

Monday, October 14, 2013

A few months ago I spotted a beautiful pic of Janelle Monáe rocking a gorgeous and edgy braided (or twisted?) faux hawk style with her signature pompadour for the cover of Vibe Vixen. Then, just a few days ago I saw the music video for her latest single "Primetime" and I once again found myself  loving the slightly different faux hawk / french braid-ish style that she was rocking in the video! I really wanted to attempt doing something similar with my hair, but I wanted to do it on hair that was still visibly textured. For both versions of Janelle's faux hawk, it appeared that her hair was blown-out or straightened in some kind of way. But I had no plans of blowing-out my hair so the challenge for me was to somehow recreate something kind of similar on fresh twist-out hair (since I had just taken down the twists I've been wearing for the past 4 days or so). The other challenge was that I couldn't seem to get a good look of her hair from all angles, so other than the basic shapes seen from her profile I couldn't tell if her faux hawk was braided, twisted, pinned, or some complex combination of the three. I can't french braid down the back of my head to save my life (or flat twist in that direction either for that matter LOL), so I knew I would be mostly pinning hair to create the appearance of a braided or twisted faux hawk. While the resulting look is certainly not an exact replica of Janelle's Primetime video hairstyle, I'm content with the outcome even though it didn't come out exactly the way I had envisioned in my head. I did record a video on how I did it, but wasn't really feeling the final footage so it ended up going straight into the video archives :) Perhaps I'll attempt re-recording this style some time in the future! So what do you think? Was this style a hit or a miss? I'm still on the fence, lol :)

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  1. I love it! - Tenekqua Johnson

  2. This is so cute. I would love to see the video you made.

  3. Definitely a hit! Your hair looks beautiful, I can't wait till mine is as long because I have no thickness whatsoever :(


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