Hair Break: Back in Twists

Monday, October 14, 2013

Every now and then I go through short phases where I don't feeling like dealing with my hair - especially when there's cooler weather outside. While watching TV one evening last week, I found myself randomly twisting up my hair again. The next thing I knew I had done almost 40 medium-small(ish) twists! The twisting process took me about 3 hours because I still twist slower than molasses. But I barely realized the amount of time I invested until I was finished because thankfully, I was distracted by watching TV the whole time, lol :) Unlike my recent autumn transformation twist-out, I knew I wanted to keep this set of twists in for a few days because honestly I needed a little break from my loose hair. And with twists, I can just get up and go. I ended up keeping them in for about 4 days. I wore them down as pictured most days, but one evening I had a dinner party to go to so I pulled the twists into a low side bun with my 5-inch banana clip and bobby pins for a more dressy look.

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  1. Twists are my favorite. The low side bun looks like it was a hit.


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