Autumn Transformation: Wash & Go to Twist-out!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The air is cooler and the leaves have begun to change and I can't believe its already October! Even though fall / autumn has become one of my favorite seasons, I still can't help but ask - where has this year gone?!?  Despite how quickly this year seems to be zipping by, the recent noticeable change in seasons put me in the mood to transform my go-to Summer wash & go into a Fall-ready twist-out. Another motivating factor was that I didn't really feel like washing my hair - and so this also became a great way to push back my wash day for a few more days :)

Since my hair already had product in it from the wash & go I was wearing (pictured above), I didn't want to use a heavy styler on top of that to do my twists. I ended up using the Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twist Butter - which seems like less of a "butter" to me and more of a light cream styler that added a bit of moisture and a light hold to set my twists. Quick sidebar: I hadn't used Camille Rose products since my product junkie days over a year ago lol, and this was my first time trying the Almond Jai Twist butter (which was recently gifted to me). In this context it was not too heavy a styler - which my fine low porosity hair appreciated. But I'm curious about how this twist butter would work alone on hair that is freshly washed without other product already in it. I may give it another go in the near future to see. Either way its been ages since I've done a proper twist-out, since braidouts have seemed to take over as my go-to thing (Who would have thought?!? lol). But I loved these twist-out results! I didn't get as much stretch as I do with my braidouts, but who cares? I love shrinkage anyway :)

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