My Little Love Affair With Oils

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sometime over the last year or two of my natural journey, I fell in love with oils and realized that I am more of an "oil" person than a "butter" person. I have nothing against butters, but I had to embrace that my fine, low porosity hair prefers oils. It wasn't until I did a massive re-organization of my hair & body products earlier this year that I realized I had quite a growing oil collection. Pictured above are my 8 favorite oils that I not only use in my hair, but also on my body - and these are the oils that I generally always keep on hand in my product stash. I use these oils for everything - from hot oil treatments, to sealing, to pre-shampoo treatments; as a face lotion or even as a cuticle/nail conditioner! And of course, there are a couple that I also love to cook with as well (i.e., coconut oil and olive oil - but not the same bottles of oils pictured...those are solely for my hair & body use lol). I love that oils are multi-purpose and (with the exception of a few) inexpensive and easy to come by. Details about my favorite oils and how I like to use them are below. What are your favorite oils?

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1. Jojoba Oil | How I use it: hot oil treatments, mixed into deep condition/clay treatments, face moisturizer, for takedown of set-styles.
2. Extra Virgin Olive OilHow I use it: hot oil treatments, pre-shampoo treatments, and of course I cook with it too!.
3. Avocado OilHow I use it: hot oil treatments, mixed into deep condition/clay treatments, for takedown of set-styles
4. 100% Argan OilHow I use it: cuticle conditioning, face moisturizer (after cleansing), I also like to use this oils on my ends.
5. Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut OilHow I use it: The better question is how do I not use coconut Sealing, mixed into deep conditioning treatments, face moisturizer, cuticle conditioning, cooking, body lotion, pre-shampoo treatment, for takedown of set-styles.
6.  Emu OilHow I use it: sealing/lubricating ends, face moisturizer.
7. Sweet Almond OilHow I use it: Sealing, hot oil treatments, mixed into deep condition/clay treatments, face moisturizer, for takedown of set-styles.
8. Castor OilHow I use it: mixed into deep condition/clay treatments.

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  1. I love oils as well.They seem to give my hair new life and my hair is definitely more moisturized. Thank you for the post. I love your blogs. - Tenekqua Johnson

    1. Thank you so much Tenekqua! I agree, oils are awesome! :)

  2. I haven't used the Emu oil yet, it seems weird. My favorites are sweet almond, coconut and jojoba. I especially like shea oil though.

    1. LOL, I agree! Emu oil is still weird to me but I love how it makes my ends and my skin feel lol. I'm kind of sad though because the other day the bottle fell and I lost half of it on the bathroom floor. It was kind of pricier compared to some of my other oils so when I run out I doubt I will be rushing to repurchase it any time soon.

  3. I use olive oil and sweet almond oil for sealing and for DTs but would love to add Argan oil and Castor oil to my regimen.

    1. I am absolutely loving Argan oil for my hair and especially for my skin! :) :)

  4. Hi Jorgelina,

    Thanks a lot for your nice comment.I also use Emu Oil.It is good for face.
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