Style Diary: Date Night Hair

Sunday, June 30, 2013

For this Style Diary, I really wanted to play around with a fun and flirty look for date night. Everything was going hair totally didn't turn out the way I wanted it to lol! But the beauty of natural hair is that sometimes the best styles happen when you least expect or plan for it. And then, there are also those times when you just have to work with the style the way it came out and just roll with it. It's a lesson in natural hair confidence that I'm still learning to this day - though I'm fast approaching 3 years being natural. In hindsight however, the final style wasn't really that bad. It just wasn't the style I envisioned. What I had in mind was a twist & curl look with really defined spirals at the ends. What I ended up with was sort-of-defined S-curl sections and really frizzy ends lol. There was a pretty straightforward explanation for the frizz: when I had to get ready, my hair was still damp at the ends where I had the perm rods. Even though I had air-dried my hair and sat under the dryer for 45 minutes, my hair was still damp hours later ("Natural Hair Problems" Once I realized that my hair wasn't 100% dry at takedown I knew it would frizz. To salvage the style, what I ended up doing was pinning the most frizzy section (in the front) to one side and playing up the frizz in other areas to add a little more volume than I initially had after I took down my flat twists. It wasn't quite the style I had planned for, but it was the style I rocked anyway, with my head held high :)

Water to dampen 
Sealed with: Sweet Almond Oil  
Moisturized with: Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk 
To set the style: Blue Eco Styler gel 
I used the pink medium-sized perm rods at the end of each flat twist 

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  1. Do u seal your Hair with every style u do...Beautiful

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, these days....almost every style I do starts with sealing my hair with an oil...particularly if I start out with wet or damp hair :)

  2. Hair looks GREAT even though you intended something different.

  3. @naturally Curious even with your Wash N Go its not a problem. cuz when I put oil then Gel I get the white stuff sometimes.. Love Love your Videos it has taught me alot. I really wasnt sealing my Hair till I saw the way you seal yours. Iam like I wasnt doing anything(seal)Thank

    Anonymous 6/30/2013


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