Elegant Criss-Cross Chignon (Low Bun)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

As much as I love to wear my hair out and wild during the summer, I am equally a sucker for intricate looking buns or updos. Every time I see a beautiful celebrity updo on the red carpet, or an interesting-looking updo on a runway model, I immediately wonder: How can I recreate that on my hair? That's why I have so much fun collecting inspiration images on my Tumblr in the hopes that maybe one day I will try it on my hair :) This particular criss-cross chignon was inspired by a few hairstyles I've seen over the years on youtube - usually by women whose hair neither looks nor behaves anything like mine lol. These kinds of styles (as I've seen them done) usually involves a significant amount of "teasing" or "back-combing" the hair to create extra volume. But if I did that, my hair would be a tangly mess! And the beauty of natural afro-textured curly hair (even fine afro-textured hair like mine) is that it rarely has a problem with volume :) I love this chignon because it looks much more complicated than it really is. Its very simple in the front, but the beauty of this style is in the back when you turn around....and the criss-cross detail is really unexpected :) Its perfect for the office as well as a variety of formal occasions. I actually wore it to work three days in a row by simply tying it with a silk scarf at night.  And the bonus? It also can be worn as a chic low ponytail (as pictured). Enjoy!

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  1. This is very elegant and I will have to try this style.

    1. Thanks Jen! I hope you do try it out - I think this will look awesome on your hair! :)


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