Style Diary: Twist-out on a Spring Day

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Cherry Blossoms were in bloom and it finally started to feel like Spring this weekend (though it was still a teensy-bit chilly in the shade). So I couldn't resist going outdoors to take down my twists while taking in the warm(er) weather. Lately I've been getting great twist-out results when I twist with Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner" alone (I'm really enjoying that leave-in!). At my current length I can get away with doing between 8 and 12 twists total in order to get a decent twist-out. For the twist-out showcased in the video, I did 12 twists.

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  1. Hi - Did you add the leave-in to dry or wet hair the night before?

    1. Hey Jae! The night before I used the leave-in to twist on hair that was dry :) I find that I get better twist-outs that way :)

  2. I just love your hair this way! and the photos....bam! lol


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