Black Masquerade: A Formal Updo

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Like the black silhouette of trees against a dying sun, I wear the mask of mystery."

Sometimes a girl likes to play in her hair and play dress up! And that's exactly what I've been doing since I first spotted this stunning Michelle Phan image a while ago and since purchasing a beautiful black masquerade mask from eBay (to find similar masks just do a search on eBay for "lazer-cut venetian masquerade masks"). Since then I've wanted to create a dramatic hair and makeup look around it around the black masquerade mask. I consider this style to be one of those easier-to-do-than-it-looks formal updos that would be great for a masquerade themed ball, prom or wedding. As I show in the video, all you need to create this updo is a 5 inch banana clip and a few bobby pins! I did this updo on stretched hair, but it would be equally pretty on straight hair :)

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