DIY Hot Oil Treatment + Scalp Massage!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

For Valentine's Day, why not show your hair & scalp some love? Every now and then, the wannabe mixologist in me likes to mix some of my favorite oils together for a spa-like hot oil treatment, and then top it off with a scalp massage. Most of the time I like to do this as a pre-shampoo (or "pre-poo") treatment since my scalp tends produce alot of oil/sebum on its own - which can lead to buildup if I don't manage it by cleansing every now and then. But when my hair and scalp is particularly parched, I will sometimes follow this treatment with a thorough cowash or cleansing conditioner rinse. Whenever I know I'm going to do a scalp massage, I also make sure to incorporate a few essential oils in my oil mixture (pictured above). Various essential oils have different benefits for the scalp's blood circulation - which can encourage growth and minimize scalp issues like dandruff, or dry/itchy scalp.  Below is my oil mix recipe, and in the video I show how I mix it up and apply it! :)

(Measurements are approximate
2.5 oz Almond Oil 
1 oz. Avocado Oil 
1 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 
1/4 oz Vitamin E Oil 
5 - 6 drops Basil Essential Oil 
5 -6 drops Rosemary Essential Oil 

I primarily get my carrier oils (Almond oil, avocado oil, EVOO) from the grocery store. I get all my essential oils (Basil & Rosemary) from Whole Foods, and  the applicator bottle from my local beauty supply store (Sally's).

If hot oil treatments are not your thing, check out my deep conditioning cheat sheet for other deep treatment approaches.  

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  1. The Scalp Massage also stimulates the nerves and the blood vessels beneath the skin, calming the muscle tension. Combine this with temporal massaging and some good pressure on the base of the scalp and there you have the perfect, long lasting remedy for tension headaches.

  2. It is a problem of a lot of people as I myself have a very oily scalp and it produces that much oil itself. That is why, I also have to take care of my scalp and clean it almost everyday. You have given some good information about the oils nd I would ask my physiotherapist to try the combination of yours.

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