Twisted & Tucked Away

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As the temperatures dipped over the past weekend, my hair laziness switch went right on. Even though my week-and-a-half-old wash & go was more than ready to be rewashed and redone, I had no desire whatsoever to go through my typical wash day routine. So while I caught up on my recorded TV shows, I started dry detangling my hair and twisted it in medium-sized twists. I decided to use my beloved Qhemet Detangling ghee to help with detangling, and then I used blue eco styler gel to twist. Normally I dont use combs when detangling, but this time after initially finger-detangling I went back through each section my wide-tooth comb to comb through the ends (My entire twisting / detangling product & tool lineup is pictured above). When I was done I had about 25 twists in all, which I pinned and tucked away for the work week :)

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