Clay Mask Deep Condition

Sunday, December 16, 2012

This weekend I really felt like deep conditioning with my favorite Rhassoul clay mask treatment from Butters-n-Bars. Since its not a deep conditioning mask I use very often, it always feels like a treat for my hair when I do :) Using the Butters-n-Bars Clay Masque as the base, I also added in TRESemme Naturals conditioner, avocado oil, and vitamin E oil (As an alternative, I will sometimes add olive oil and/or castor oil in this mix). Even though the Butters-n-bars clay masque is perfectly fine to use on its own, I prefer to add a silicone-free conditioner so that the consistency is creamier - making it easier for me to apply it and to rinse it out. Through trial and error - and as a result of several occasions when I got red clay all over my bathroom - I've learned that for me the best way to apply this mask to minimize the mess is on slightly dampened hair. If my hair is too dripping wet (or if the mixture itself is too watery), application is waaay more messy than it has to be. Pictured above is how my hair looked once I fully applied the clay mask, and then how my hair looked after I rinsed it out (no product added).  In the video, I demonstrate how I mix the clay mask and then how I applied it to my hair. Originally, I had planned to leave the mask in for an hour or two before rinsing, but after getting caught up with errands that day I ended up leaving it in overnight and rinsing it out the next day. As always, my hair felt great and my curls and coils were popping!

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  1. I used to love this clay from B-n-B. I have three jars in my refrigerator right now but hate the rinsing and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing. And rinsing. But it does wonders for my hair. I think I just ended up loving my coconut deep conditioner better.

    Your hair looks fabulous post-clay.

    1. Thanks so much chica!! I can totally relate to this being hard to rinse, because I have to rinse at least twice to get it all out. That's why I cant really use it without adding conditioner :) But man does my hair love it !!

  2. I'm going to grab a 6 oz jar and see how well it works for me. It is hard to condition my tiny afro! I did my third big chop in November and have issues with moisturizing, I'm hoping this time I will get it right.

  3. So, my skin is...annoying. It isn't awful looking, I'm just pale so it's blotchy and I break out more than a normal. It's not terrible, but I haven't felt okay with my skin since middle school. I've tried everything.

    Seriously. I've tried proactive, prescription medicine, thousands of cleansers

    Long story short, I learned of the Citrus Clear Products - specifically the Clay Mask - and I thought...well, what do have to lose?

    You guys, I left a decent layer on my skin for 10 minutes, and did what the instructions said, and my skin wasn't perfect, but it was brighter, more even toned, and healthier looking after just the first use.


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