Style Diary: Braid-out on a Fall Day

Sunday, November 04, 2012

As an Island / Florida girl, I never grew up anywhere that had all four seasons. So now that I live in an area that does get all the seasons, I've grown to really love one of the four seasons in particular: Fall (or Autumn as it's also called by some). Now don't get me wrong - of course, Spring is absolutely divine as well and is definitely my other favorite season. But there's just something about the changing of the leaves in Fall to lovely vibrant shades of yellow, orange and fire-engine red that just makes me love throwing on my scarf and coat and be outdoors! Of course for my hair, the cooler temperatures of the Fall season also means that I have to change up my routine so that it focuses (even) more on maintaining moisture - which is more of a challenge as the temperatures and the dew points dip lower and lower. I normally don't do many braid-outs (because they take a little longer to do than twist-outs and I'm lazy lol) but I was inspired to try braids instead of twists this time - since I wanted to achieve a more wavy texture from the take down. The video is not really a braid-out tutorial, but just more of a video hair style diary showcasing the braid-out take down as well as the pretty Fall colors in the background :)

Products I Used

Dampened each section with water
Moisturized with Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner"
Sealed with Oyin Hair Dew
Sealed my ends with Jane Carter Nourish & Shine
For the take-down, I coated my hands with Almond Oil
Note: I didn't use any product with hold. So to maintain I re-braid at night :)

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  1. Pictures fantastic! Hair happenin'!

    So beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much chica! Normally I'm more of a twist-out girl but I must say I loved how this turned out!

  2. Gorgeous! I love braid outs but they take so much time.

    1. Thanks chica!! I agree - I wish they didn't take so long to do! :)


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