Revisiting The Bantu Knot-Out

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow - I can't believe its been almost 2 years since I've done a bantu-knot out! Which is quite ironic because the bantu-knot out used to be one of my staple styles while I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It was of course the perfect transitioning style because it helped to blend the two competing textures on my head at the time. But when I did the big chop (and was only working with about 5 inches of hair) I primarily styled my hair in wash and gos. As my hair continued to grow over the past year, I put the bantu knot-out completely on the back-burner to try other set styles. This week I suddenly had the urge to revisit the bantu knot-out - primarily out of boredom with my hair (what else is new? lol). Pictured above are my bantu knots, the oil I used for the take-down, the bantu knot-out before separating, and then after separating and fluffing.  Here's how I slightly modified my bantu knot-out process since my transitioning days:

  • Wet versus Dry: This time I did the bantu knots on completely dry hair that was already stretched from a braid out I did last week. While transitioning I always did my bantu knots on hair that was damp and I would sometimes two-strand twist the section first before doing the bantu knot.
  • Products: I'm still pretty much using the same product combination as I did while transitioning: a light spritz of water to dampen / moisturize, Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine to seal, and Aloe Vera gel for a flexible hold.
  • Set Time: Because I did the bantu knots on dry hair, I just slept in the bantu knots overnight and they were completely set by morning. While transitioning, doing bantu knots on damp (or wet) hair meant that I had to make sure my hair was completely dry before taking them down the next day. I didn't have a hooded dryer at that time, so I used diffuse dry the bantu knots before bed time to give them a head start on drying time. But there were still countless times that one or two bantu knot did not dry completely (which meant frizz city for that section once I took it down).
  • Size of bantu knots:  This time I did pretty large bantu knots (about 12 total) because I started on this late and I was too lazy to do them any smaller. Plus I kind of wanted to end up with the look of looser curls. However, while transitioning I would probably do closer to 20+ bantu knots smaller in size because I wanted to make sure it dried faster and I was definitely all about the getting the look of spiral curls back then.

All in all, I loved the results of the bantu knot-out just as I did back in my transitioning days. But even more - I also love the newly discovered ease of doing the bantu knots on dry, stretched hair! I definitely see the bantu knot-out becoming one of my go-to styles again :)

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  1. This looks great on you! For some reason, I just can't get into bantu knots. I think I will revisit them one day, braid outs have been my favorite lately.

    1. Thank you chica! I can't believe I waited almost 2 years to revisit them hahaha! I've been loving the look of a braid out lately as well. I guess its a matter of what look I'm going for because braid outs definitely give me more stretch but bantu knots give me big curls with some shrinkage :)


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