Runway Inspiration| 6 Fall Hair Trends I'm Loving

Saturday, September 15, 2012

When it comes to styling my hair, I generally gravitate toward styles that are either classic with a modern edge, or romantic and boho-inspired, with the occasional nod to styles with a retro vibe. But since the type of styling I like to do generally falls more on the simple and understated end of the spectrum, I'm always looking for ways to change it up or add a new twist. That's why for fall I find myself looking to the runway for a bit of inspiration. Many runway styles can be quite over-the-top and definitely not wearable for everyday. But the interesting thing I noticed with the Fall 2012 runway shows is that many of this season's hair trends were really wearable and seemed easy-to-adapt to natural tresses :) These 6 looks in particular stood out to me as styles I could actually try to recreate on my own natural tresses. And surprise, surprise... three of them are buns, one is a roll, tuck and pin kind of style, and the remaining two are boho and retro. Can we say predictable? LOL. The added bonus is that all of these styles are protective, which will be perfect as the weather gets colder. What kind of hairstyles are you inspired to try this Fall?

Fall Runway Hair Trends From the Top (L - R)

1. Trend: Accessorized buns // Yves Saint Laurent - How cool is that bun accessory?

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