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Monday, September 03, 2012

My first few times traveling as a new natural went from one extreme to the next: Either I was grossly under-prepared to care and style my hair the way I wanted to while at my destination, or I packed way too many full-sized hair products that I didn't even end up using. Since then, I've learned that traveling while natural doesn't need to be hard. All it takes is a little bit of planning ahead and knowing your natural hair's current care and styling needs. I've (almost) gotten packing for my hair down to a science - Here's some of my hair-related travel essentials and packing tips for shorter trips!

1. Clear Cosmetic Case // Go for a structured case that meets air travel size requirements.
2. Travel-sized containers // Pack an empty travel-sized spray bottle to fill at your destination.
3. Must-have hair products // Take products that are multipurpose and a little goes a long way.
4. Satin Pillowcase // Pack a king-sized satin pillowcase to cover the pillow you sleep on!
5. Microfiber Towel // Or an old T-shirt. No need to use your destination hotel towels on your hair!
6. Wide-tooth comb // Try to get one without a handle so it is easier to pack.
7. Conditioning Caps // Can be used as a shower cap and/or to deep condition at your destination.
8. Duckbill Clips // If you section your hair while styling or in the shower, these are critical!
9. Assortment of hair ties & bobby pins // Keep these together in a drawstring bag.
10. Silk Scarf or Satin Bonnet //  I think a scarf is slightly more versatile than a bonnet but 
do what works best for your hair. Either way, you have your satin pillowcase to lay your head on :)

What are your natural hair travel tips? 
Comment below and let me know!

For a few more tips, check out my Natural Hair Travel Essentials video.

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  1. I went to ND and forgot my microfiber towel. My poor dad didn't know that I was "borrowing" one of his t-shirts until he saw it hanging in the bathroom.

  2. Clearly I need you to come pack for all of my trips! As usual, a delightful and helpful video! The only other thing I usually add to my mini-arsenal is an oil mix to seal my hair and moisturize my skin :)

    1. LOL! I'm so glad you found the video helpful :) I sometimes take an oil mix along too! But lately, I've just been sealing with the Nourish & Shine :)

  3. I put my hair in mini twists when I travel so I can just have a spray bottle with some water and an oil to re-moisturize and keep it moving.

    1. Yep, I am with you on that Laneshe! Having it in a set style while traveling is the easiest way to not have to worry about packing hardly any hair stuff :)


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