Rockabilly Hair.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Though most of the time I go for the softer, more romantic and bohemian hairstyles, there are times when I'm in the mood to use my hair, makeup and accessories to make a bold retro statement. This past week was one of those times when I felt like changing it up and having a little fun with my hair. I've been taking hairstyle inspiration from the stylized imagery I see all the time of fabulous Rockabilly women of the 1950s. I was particularly inspired by this photo, as well as Beyonce as her B.B. Homemaker character, along with countless other celebrities who pull off this look with ease (think Gwen Stefani here, Rihanna here, and of course Janelle Monae). The Rockabilly look is simple yet striking at the same time - characterized with victory rolls, pompadours or short bettie bangs. It's usually further accentuated with dramatic winged eyeliner, bold red lips, and of course a playful and bold hair accessory like a silk flower, scarf bow or fascinator hat clip - items that are already right up my alley :)

My hairstyle pictured above is just one take on the endless possibilities and variations of this look. I chose to go with a slightly asymmetrical pompadour (meant to be a play on the bettie bangs), a faux victory roll in the front, and a simple rolled ponytail bun in the back. I could've placed the red flower clip in a variety of spots in this hairstyle, but I thought that it made the best visual statement sitting right in between my pompadour and faux victory roll - making the front of my hair appear as one seamless rolled asymmetrical pompadour (even though it actually wasn't). To achieve the slightly wavy texture, I did two jumbo flat twists the night before on old twist-out hair. When I wore this style to work, I toned down the makeup a (tiny) bit and went without the flower of course. But even without all the bells and whistles, I still got lots of compliments on this cool-looking fun retro hairdo!

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  1. Cute and easy style! I did my version of your midsummer romance pinned up style. Considering my hair is much shorter I think it came out really nice. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Yaaay, that's so awesome Jen! ***runs over to your blog to see pics*** :)

  2. Love this! I've been trying to find vintage styles for my short natural hair. Right now it's pressed, so it's a little easier, but I love this and can't wait for my hair to grow out a little more!



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