How I Wash, Condition & Finger-Detangle In The Shower! (Video)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This video illustrates how I cleanse, condition, and finger-detangle my hair while in the shower at my current length. It's the routine I follow for some washes in between my monthly Terressentials mud cleansing. In the video I use my favorite mud & clay shampoo bar because my hair felt like it needed a more thorough cleansing that wash day. But other times I use cleansing conditioner or co-wash conditioner (such as Curl Junkie's daily cleansing conditioner or TRESemme Naturals conditioner) in place of the shampoo bar. It really all depends on how my hair feels.

I break this routine down into three steps while I'm in the shower:

1. Saturate & Cleanse: 

I start by allowing the water to fully saturate my hair. Since my hair is medium to lower porosity, I usually have to stand under the stream of the shower for a few minutes before my hair is fully saturated. Once saturated, I separate it into six manageable sections which I maintain throughout the remainder of the steps.

2. Cleanse Sections: 

Working section by section, I concentrate the shampoo bar on my scalp area because that is usually where most of my oil and product buildup is. I really like this shampoo bar because it makes my hair feel clean without feeling super stripped. Check out this post to read more of my thoughts on these shampoo bars.

3. Condition & Finger-Detangle: 

I like to follow up cleansing with a thicker conditioner with lots of slips whenever I plan to finger-detangle in the shower. My go-to conditioner most of the time for this step is Curl Junkie's Curl Rehab, because it helps make my finger-detangling process a breeze. Plus its great to deep condition with if I choose to take that extra step on wash day. For finger-detangling, I use the hand-rake technique that's illustrated in the video to finger-comb through each section, break-up any tangles, and release shed hairs. If my hair is particularly tangled, I usually "pre-poo" from the night before so that my in shower detangling session is more manageable. Check out this post to see my overnight pre-poo routine.

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  1. I love the bonus footage! Things like that seem to always happen.

    1. LOL hahaha so true Jen! What's worse is that my bathroom has no windows so it literally was pitch black!


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