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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So I've only been on Instagram for a little over a month now and I can already see why it is so addicting (Instagram name: naturalicurious). I am already a photography fanatic, but sometimes its a hassle breaking out the big DSLR camera just to snap a quick pic of my hair or to capture life's small and simple moments while on the go. I think if my Instagram obsession continues there will be more Hair & Life in Instagram posts like this in the future :) These were just a few random Instagram pics I took over the past month - not in any particular date order! (Descriptions below)

Picture Descriptions From the Top (L - R)

1. Pretty flowers I saw while out shopping with a friend on July 4th
2. Huge second day wash and go hair, about to be pineappled for bedtime!
3. Work outfit. Loving the pop of color from my green dress, zara bag and belt from Bebe.
4. My go-to breakfast sandwich at Starbucks & my favorite drink (iced double tall skim mocha)
6. Freshly washed and twisted up, ready to start the work week
7. Screen capture of my fluffy twist-out before I styled it for my Midsummer Romance video
8. Wash and Go with John Mitchell "The Conditioner" as my leave-in and Blue Eco Styler.
9. New edgy blue suede booties. Buying new shoes makes me so happy!
10. One of my favorite casual outfits with a pop of neon and some color-blocking.
11. I made curry chicken for dinner one weeknight after work! I tore it up, yes I did!
12. Some product staples I re-ordered had arrived: Oyin Hair dew and Qhemet Detangling Ghee
13. Been a bit obsessed with painting my nails this past month. This obsession comes and goes, lol.
14. Went a few days just wearing my twists pinned up and under a scarf tied into a turban (sort-of)
15. Bought a new lipstick from MAC: Rebel (Where have you been all my Li-i-i-i-i-fe?)
16. Those were the twists I refused to take down for like a week and a half because I was hair-lazy.
17. My favorite veggie sandwich from the Corner Bakery!

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  1. You have great legs and those are killer booties!

    1. Heehee thank you Jen! I love those booties :)

  2. You know I love following you!!! I don't have a Facebook or Twitter and I WAS COERCED TO GET INSTAGRAM!!! WHEN I SAW YOUR NAME...IT WAS A WRAP!!!! LOL

    1. LOL!! Thank you chica :) I'm still an Instagram and twitter newbie myself!!

  3. Instagram? I love yours but I think I will pass . . . at least for now for setting up my own. I think my brain might explode if I take on one more thing!! But I must say, your photos are great.

    7 is a beautiful pictures and um, those blue shoes are killin'.

    1. Heehee thanks Jazzwife! I agree with you...all these "social" tools can get overwhelming to keep up with for sure! I love the simplicity, ease, and convenience of using instagram though. I've officially drank the instagram koolaid! LOL :)


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