Texture & Gold: Bohemian Goddess Updo

Friday, June 29, 2012

So my love affair with boho continues. I've been wearing many variations of this bohemian updo, but this particular version features a double rope twisted head band topped off with this cool hair chain I purchased from this Etsy.com store. Quick inside joke about this hair chain: It was actually designed to be worn in a "crown formation", but unfortunately my hair was waaay too big for it and it totally did not fit my head (LOL). So I had to work with it in a different way and this is how I ended up wearing it. I also tried this style with another gold accessory that I've had for a long time: my favorite gold beaded head band (featured in the video). Unlike the bohemian look I got from the hair chain, the beaded gold head band added a touch of old hollywood glamour to this easy romantic boho style :)

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  1. Hello! You have an interesting blog. Very cool post. Let's follow each other. If you agree, then let me know!)))

  2. You are really creative with your hair.This style is nothing but BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Oh dear! Just seeing this comment! Thank you so much NATMANE :)


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