Length Check (June 2012)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Below is my first official length check video in 2012. The last length check I did was in December 2011 at my one year natural anniversary. After I hit the one year natural mark I decided to not focus as much on length and simply enjoy my hair. But I definitely also want to continue to focus on the overall health of my hair because that is what is most important to me at this stage in my natural hair journey :)

I was got this really awesome length check t-shirt as a gift from a close friend and I'm really excited to start incorporating it into my length checks (get shirts like it here). In the last picture below my hair is wet and it naturally falls somewhere between the "2" and the "3" on the shirt. However, when stretched it reaches the "5" on the shirt, which for me is approximately bra strap length (BSL). When I look back at pictures of my length at this time last year, I can hardly believe how much my hair has grown! A side-by-side comparison of my length in June 2011 and June 2012 is pictured below. Also included below are the approximate measurements of the back, front and side lengths of my hair, as well as links to my previous length checks!

The numbers go from 1 - 11 on the back. The numbered lines are not exactly 1 inch apart so for me it will not be an exact measure, but just a point of reference for comparison purposes. I will still use a tape measure to get more approximate measurements in inches :)

ONE YEAR COMPARISON: The picture on the left is my length around this time last year year. In June 2011 my hair was just below shoulder length when stretched.

June 2012 Measurements:
Front - approx.12.5 inches
Back - about bra strap length (approx. 11 inches)
Sides - approx. 12 inches

View my previous length checks:
March 2011

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  1. Nice t-shirt, great progress, excellent video!!

  2. You know I watched this...lol...Such great progress sis! And let me tell you,I have been natural all my life however,because so have been,people expect my hair to be down to my feet! So focus on the preservation of your hair and not the length! Of course its the bomb to see length, however like you wrote me back,focus on the milestone of progression of moisture and all that good stuff! You are doing excellent!!!!:-) Thanx for sharing Beautiful!

    1. LOL, you're welcome sis! Its so easy to get caught up with length, but I'm finding out that if the main focus is on the health of the hair (esp. on preserving the ends...the oldest part) then length/length retention will come in time :) At the same time I believe we should be enjoying our hair too! :)


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