Styling a Last Minute Wash and Go For Work

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last night I had the urge to do a wash and go at the last minute. Of course, I always seem to get inspired to alter the style state of my hair when its super late on a work night and when I really should just be taking a few minutes to prep my hair for bedtime. My hair takes hours to dry and I wasn't really in the mood to sit under a dryer. So after allowing my hair to air dry for a little bit, I decided to just put it up into a high bun and call it a night. My bedtime loose high bun is pictured below (I was really feeling this loose high bun! I'll probably try it again a bit neater one day when I'm actually going out somewhere).

The next morning when I took down the bun, my hair was still pretty damp (as expected) and it felt super soft. But I wasn't really feeling all the frizz I had going on in the front of my hair, so I knew I had to do something different with it to look presentable for work. I have to admit - I was slightly bummed because I really, really wanted to wear my hair out in all its wash and go glory. And I totally would have if the front wasn't looking a hot mess (a little bit of frizz in all the right places doesn't bother me one bit, but this frizz was all front and center and was out of control, LOL). So I ended up styling my hair in a wash and go variation of the textured boho updo I did previously on stretched twist-out hair.  I decided to flat twist most of the hair in the front to hide the frizz and to create visual interest. This style only took me about 15 minutes to do and thankfully my last minute wash and go was not a bust even though I didn't end up wearing it out like I originally intended. The pics below were taken at the end of the day and my hair was about 80% dry at this point.

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  1. You could have totally worn that bun! Nothing that a little gel can't solve!
    The second style looked good though.

    1. Heeehee! So true :) I think I will be wet bunning more often now that I'm getting back into doing wash and go's :)


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