2 Boho-Inspired Hairstyles For Spring!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love easy-to-do bohemian-inspired hairstyles like the two styles featured below. I've been wearing both of these styles to work but both of these styles could easily work for a variety of occasions - whether it be more casual affair like a weekend out and about shopping, or a more dressy occasion like a wedding :) Another thing I love about these two styles is that the second updo style builds on the first "half-up, half-down" style - making it very easy to quickly transition from daytime wear to a night out!

To prep my hair for these styles: I usually do about 14 medium to chunky twists on dry hair the night before in order to achieve a stretched wavy/curly texture.

VIDEO: 2 Boho-Inspired Styles For Spring on 4a Natural Hair

Style #1: "Half-Up With a Twist"

Style #2: "Textured Boho Updo"

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