Hair of the Day: Chunky Twist-Out

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

After my most recent wash day, I ended up just doing a wash and go because I really didn't feel like doing much else. But on day 2 of my wash and go style the dry winter air had my strands feeling thirsty again. The curls and coils in the crown area of my head were particularly shrunken this time around, and it felt like the hair there was getting more and more tangled and compacted at the roots as the day progressed. While my hair still "looked" good, I certainly didn't "feel" good to me. So I decided to semi-dry detangle again that night and then I put my hair into about 18 medium-sized chunky twists. Since my hair felt on the dry side, I started by misting each section liberally with water and then twisting with Oyin Hair Dew and a little aloe vera gel for a light hold. I also coated the ends of each twist with Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine to help seal in the moisture and give my ends and extra layer of protection against the dry cold air. I love using the Hair Dew and the Nourish & Shine particularly at hair moments like these because both of these products instantly softens my strands.

The next morning I lightly coated the twists with almond oil before taking them down to minimize frizz (although a little frizz in the right places no longer bothers me at all!). Then I separated the sections  and fluffed to achieve the resulting twist-out (see pictures below). Because I did medium twists and did not use any heavy stylers, my twist-out was chunky, soft, fluffy and touchable - and that's how I like my hair to feel! Here are a few pics of the twists and the resulting twist-out:

Chunky medium-sized twists (about 18 twists). I finger-parted the sections.
Twists just taken down - before separating and fluffing (front view)

Twists just taken down - before separating and fluffing (close-up of twist definition)
Chunky twist-out results - separated and fluffed

Chunky twist-out results - separated and fluffed (side view)

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