Detangle and Overnight Pre-Poo Routine (Updates + Video!)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Not much has changed in my pre-shampoo + detangle routine since I first combined these two steps in my regimen last year in July. The most significant change is that lately I have been doing more detangling with my hands and reserving my mason pearson rake comb for detangling when I cleanse my hair with the Terressentials Mud Wash.

This video shows how I prep my hair for wash day at the end of the week when my hair is a dry and tangly mess. And why was my hair a dry tangly mess? Well, I sported a wash-n-go puff all last week because I was in one of those moods where I just didn't feel like doing much to my hair. The beauty of the puff is that it literally takes me 5 minutes to do in the mornings before work. And at my current length I have the option to make the puff high, low; I can also either make a bigger traditional puff, or a smaller ponytail-sized puff. With so many style variations, what's not to love about this easy go-to style? Well unfortunately for me, there are a couple downsides to wearing a puff for 5 or 6 days straight (which is what I always seem to do). For one, the hair in the middle of my puff practically gets no attention - I tend to put less product there and I also feel like I cheat that section out of the total moisture it needs. It's the hidden part, so who cares right? Wrong! I always pay for this neglect the next time I try to detangle that section. The other downside is that scalp area closest to my edges tend to have more buildup from gel or conditioner than the rest of my hair and scalp because I am usually re-applying product to that area each day to slick back my edges and keep my puff looking neat and fresh.  And the final downside of wearing a puff for several days is that my hair tends to start to "stick" in that puff shape and position unless I re-wet it. And if I don't re-wet it, by the end of the week my hair is stiff, dry and tangled in the middle.

Enter the pre-shampoo and detangling process.  I first detangle in sections with my fingers and then apply an oil, a conditioner or a mix of both (this time I mixed almond oil with aubrey organics GPB conditioner). I usually try to do this the night before wash day so I can get in a good overnight pre-poo treatment and allow the conditioner/oil to work its magic on my strands overnight. I find that when I semi-dry-detangle like this out of the shower, I lose way less hair during the detangling process. This process usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much of a tangly mess I'm dealing with.

Detangle + Overnight Pre-Poo Routine

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