Chunky Twist-Out Continued: My Second and Third Day Hair!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

So I definitely liked my day one hair of the chunky twist-out I did earlier this week, but I absolutely LOVED my second and third day hair even more. As it usually goes with many of my twisted and braided styles (and even with my wash and gos) - for each additional day I wear a particular style, my hair is more stretched and looks more voluminous than it was on the first day. Though shrinkage certainly doesn't bother me, it's always fun for me to enjoy some of the length that I get with these kinds of stretched styles.

Second Day Hair
To get second day hair, I re-moisturized and re-twisted my hair the night before with water and Oyin Hair Dew. But instead of 18 twists, I did 12 twists total (6 on each side) - so the twists were slightly chunkier than before. I also did not fully comb out my day one definition before re-twisting - I only lightly finger-detangled the ends of each section. When I took down my twists the next morning, my hair had a nice stretch on the original day-one definition and looked even more defined than it did on day one. So far, out of all the days I've been wearing this twist-out, day 2 was my favorite hair day :)

Third Day Hair
To prep for third day hair I did even less than I did to prep for second day hair. Instead of re-twisting again I literally pulled my hair back into one loose ponytail bun, which I secured with a stretched-out scrunchie. Though re-twisting the night before certainly did not take me long at all, I have to say that nothing beats just throwing your hair up in a loose bun and going to bed (it took me all of 5 minutes!). The next morning I took down the bun, shook out my hair and this is what I got!

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