Terressentials Mud Wash Application + Final Thoughts!

Monday, February 06, 2012

I've been using Terressentials in my weekly wash routine for a little over 2 months, and it was literally love at first use (Check out my first impression of the Terressentials organic mud wash here). Since then it has quickly made it's way onto my staple products list, and I plan to continue to re-order it unless the formulation changes. My hair seriously loves this stuff!

Video: Terressentials Mud Wash Application

My Final Thoughts on...

The Terressentials "Detox" Period:  I did not do the Terressentials "detox" period as recommended on their website, because quite frankly, I didn't see the point. Not only did I not think that my hair needed a "detox" (most of the products I use have mostly natural ingredients, and do not cause any buildup on my hair - so what exactly was I detoxing?), but I also thought that it would just be a waste of product. And Terressentials is just too expensive to waste. So I simply integrated the mud wash into my weekly wash routine. I also still continued to use all my other staple products. Basically, nothing about my routine changed except adding in the Terressentials mud wash to my regimen.

Applying the mud out of the shower versus in the shower: After trying it both ways, I prefer to apply the mud wash out of the shower over my sink and in front of my bathroom mirror. That way I can see what I am doing and I feel like I have more control during the application process. The first time I cleansed my hair with the mud wash, my bathroom ended up in a muddy mess. But since then, I've figured out the best way to apply the mud wash so that I can keep the mess in my bathroom at a minimum (check out the video).

Diluting the mud wash: The beauty of the Terressentials mud wash is that it comes perfectly mixed. Sure - I could probably try to create my own bentonite clay-based mud wash mix, but I'm just too lazy for that (don't judge me LOL)! That said, I still prefer to dilute it further with water to make application easier and to stretch the product - since it is on the pricier side per ounce. I do not use exact measurements, I just estimate the amount I think I will need and then dilute with water until the mixture is a soupy consistency. Roughly 2 parts mud wash to 1 part water.

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  1. How did you chose the sent you wanted. Does it matter?

    1. @ wendy Yoshi The Terressentials website recommends certain scents for different hair types / hair needs because of slight differences in the ingredients mix. I dont think the differences are that drastic but after I watched a bunch of youtube reviews I noticed that many naturals gravitate toward the Lavender and Left Coast Lemon scent because they were slightly more moisturizing for naturally textured hair. Hope this helps! :)

  2. I noticed you added this to your staples list. I'm curious about using this product, but I'm concerned about other products I use that Terressentials say don't use with their product b/c it will basically defeat the purpose of using their wash. I like to cowash w/ Tresemme Naturals and all other products I use are natural. Do you ever use the Tresemme Naturals and Terressentials in conjunction? Does it work well together or do you not recommend it?


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