Simple Pinned Updo With Mini Twists!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Whenever my twists start to look a little more shabby than chic (which is typically in the last few days before I take them down), I usually turn to some variation of a pinned updo. Not only is an updo a cute way to wear twists, but its also a great winter protective style because my ends are all pinned and tucked away. Here's the mini twist pinned updo I did a few days ago! (More pics and a video tutorial are below)

Watch on Youtube:

Ways to accessorize this style!
There a zillion ways to accessorize this kind of pinned updo. I didn't opt for any accessories when I wore it (save for an oversized beanie because it was cold that day), but here a few ways to dress up this style!
Add a sparkly rhinestone clip

Also looks cool with a fascinator headband!

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