My Twists: Then and Now

Friday, January 13, 2012

My previous post prompted me to look back at older pictures of twists I did before. In comparing my very first set of twists that I actually wore outside of my house for the first time last year in June to the mini twists I just did this week, I couldn't believe the difference in just a six month span. The beauty of twists (or any style that helps to keep your hair stretched for that matter) is that it gives you a better glimpse of your length at that point in time - more so than when your hair is in its completely shrunken state.  This is the main reason I take a zillion pictures every time I do something different to my hair. Not only is it fun to look back on, but it also helps to confirm what you don't necessarily notice on a day-to-day basis: that your hair is growing. And though I still think I suck at twisting in general, looking at these photos side-by-side tells me that I've definitely come a long way in that department!

Left: The very first set of medium-sized twists that I wore out in public (June 2011). Right: My first attempt at "mini twists" a little over six months later (January 2012)

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  1. Wow! I love to see how our hair is flourishing!Beautiful!

  2. Your twists are even longer now!


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