Minor Mini Twist Setback

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sigh. So I am only on day 4 of my mini twists and the twists closest to my hairline are already beginning to get frizzy at the roots and look a bit unkempt (see picture above). I consider this to be a minor setback because there is no way my mini twists will last for a whole 2 weeks - let alone a 3rd or 4th week - if they continue to frizz out at the roots like this. I'm mainly annoyed by the twists along my front hairline because that's the part I see and the part that shows no matter how I style my twists. Sooooo....right now (yes right now, as in, between typing these sentences..LOL) I am redoing just the twists that anchor my front hairline from ear to ear. I am also redoing the twists along my side part because the hair at the roots there is just waaay out of control (that is what is pictured above). This time around I am making sure to do those twists a little tighter than I did before. And I can only hope that this time around they last longer than just another 4 days! We'll see....

Quick Update: I took the below picture of two mini twists along my front hairline to show the difference between a loose, frizzy twist (the top twist) and a tighter, more neat twist with way less frizz (the bottom twist that I just redid). I plan to redo all the twists along my hairline like the bottom twist in the picture. Hopefully they will stand a better chance of lasting a full 2 weeks :-/

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