I Took My Hair To The Spa

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well, not literally.

But I did give it quite the spa-like experience on wash day this past weekend.

Between this cold dry weather (where I live) and me straightening my hair last month, my strands have been dealing with a lot of manipulation and the elements of late. So I wanted to start off 2012 right by treating my hair to all the bells and whistles and getting back on track with my winter hair care plan. Here's what I did!

My standard sections: I always work in about 8-10 sections (and keep those sections in chunky twists) whenever detangling, washing, deep conditioning or styling my hair.

Preparation: In preparing to cleanse my hair, I always separate my hair into sections and gently finger detangle each section and begin to release my shed hair. I find that doing this first helps make the rest of my wash process go smoothly because the hair is basically tangle-free and broken down into manageable sections.  To do this, I slightly dampen my hair with water to make it easier to manipulate. I then divide it into about 10 sections and proceed with finger detangling section-by-section. By finger detangling, I am literally going through and breaking apart "clumped" curls from root to tip, feeling for and breaking up tangles along the way.

Trim: Well, technically this was not really a serious trim but was more of a "light dusting" of my ends as I detangled each section. I did both a "search and destroy" for those pesky single strand knots that love to linger at the ends of some of my strands, as well as a strand-by-strand trim of the occasional split ends that I would come across. I would also trim areas where the ends just felt "rough" to me. After all was said and done, I probably only trimmed about a quarter of an inch overall. Which was fine with me because I hadn't really trimmed my hair in about a year - so it was time.

Deep Cleanse: So I think its official, I really love how the Terressentials Mud Hair Wash makes my hair feel (check out my first impression of this mud wash). Even just on its own, I felt like I was doing something "special" to my hair - I can't say another shampoo or non-shampoo cleanser has ever done that for me. And for it basically being a "mud", the slip is awesome and I can easily detangle with my mason pearson rake once it is in my hair. As with the Rhassoul Clay mask treatments I love to do, I've also figured out the best way to apply the mud wash so that there is little to no mess in my bathroom. I prefer an out-of-the shower application because I have more control,  I don't feel like I have to run water in the shower unnecessarily, and I don't have to jump in and out of the shower more than once (that's super annoying to me!). Using a relaxer applicator brush (yes, literally the brush stylists use to apply a relaxer - I got mine for just a couple dollars at my local Sally's), I applied the mud wash to each section as if it were a relaxer. Once I fully coated a section with the mud, I used my hands to massage and lightly scrub my scalp while working the mud down to my ends. I then detangled the section a final time with my mason pearson comb. After detangling, I twisted up that section to keep it detangled and out of the way. Before getting in the shower to rinse, I covered my head with a plastic cap and allowed the mud to sit on my hair for about 20 minutes.

Overnight Deep Condition: After thoroughly rinsing out the mud, I did an overnight deep condition treatment with Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask (covering my hair with a foil conditioning cap). I really like this hair mask, but I had decided a while back that I wasn't going to repurchase it regularly because it's a bit too pricey for me ($25 for an 8oz jar). Unless of course it went on sale. Well, the other day KBB was having a BOGO sale on the Luscious Locks Hair Mask so of course I was all over that and got 2 jars for the price of one! Anyway - back to my overnight DC. The next morning I simply rinsed out the Luscious Locks Hair Mask with cold water to encourage closing of my hair's cuticles to lock in moisture. By the way, I kept about 10 chunky twists in during the entire deep cleanse and deep condition process (from my original 10 sections - see above photo). So once I rinsed out the DC, my hair was already in sections for styling!

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