I Got The Mini Twist Blues...

Monday, January 23, 2012

... and I officially miss my {loose} hair. LOL.

I am on day 13 of wearing my mini twists. After the minor setback I had back on day 4, it's been smooth sailing ever since. But while I am over the moon about being just one day away from making it to 2 whole weeks of keeping in my twists (my longest twist stretch ever!), I have to say that I am definitely itching to take these bad boys down (pun intended LOL). When I initially put them in earlier this month, my goal was to keep in the mini twists for 2 weeks at a minimum - and then if I could stretch it to a 3rd or 4th week I would. But based on how I am feeling now - I will likely just stick to a 2 week stretch and take them down sometime this week. Now don't get me wrong, twists are the style I turn to when I need a break from doing my hair. The last 13 days of not having to do much to my hair has been great - I literally just take off my silk scarf and go! But for one, I really really want to wash my hair (I have this weird thing about going too long without water saturating my strands). And for two - this past week I received a pretty big haul of conditioners and such that I recently ordered - so naturally the minute I got them I immediately had the urge to do some kind of deep conditioning treatment and/or a wash and go!  Most of my purchases were just re-buys of a few of my favorite products that I was beginning to run low on (i.e., re-orders of some my staple products, to include my 2 loves - Curl Rehab conditioner and the Terressentials mud wash) as well as one newly released Curl Junkie gel that I've never tried (i.e., Curl Junkie's "Pattern Pusha" gel). So naturally with all these yummy products in plain sight, I suddenly couldn't wait to be twist free so that I could do my hair again!

But despite my mini twist blues - I think I will take a seat for a few more days and take down my twists as close as possible to my usual end-of-the-week wash day. And if I do, that will bring me to a total of 17 or 18 days of wearing twists.

UPDATE: I finally removed these mini twists after keeping them in for 18 days! To see my process for taking down my mini twists, detangling and removing shed hair, check out this post: Removing Mini Twists | My 5 Step Process

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