Straight Hair Don't Care! (December 2011)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I don't know if it had anything to do with celebrating my one year natural anniversary recently, but this week curiosity killed the cat and gave me the itch to straighten my hair. Because I am scared of heat damage, I did not go for the bone straight look (though secretly I am curious about how that would look). I also underwent a whole preparation process before straightening to make sure my strands were armed for contact with direct heat and in the best condition to ensure that my curls would come back without issue (process detailed below + pics).

Preparing to Straighten:

  • Cleanse hair: I washed my hair with Terressentials organic mud wash - my favorite cleanser of the moment.
  • Deep Condition: I chose to deep condition with Curl Junkie Repair Me!, my staple protein deep treatment which also happens to be super moisturizing. Then again, I haven't met a Curl Junkie product yet that hasn't been moisturizing ;) I applied it to my hair in my usual sections, covered with a plastic cap, and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes.
  • Apply Leave-in Conditioner / Heat Protect: One of my favorite youtube vloggers - deminpixie - recently did a review of the Carol's Daughter Chocolat Blow Dry Cream, so of course I had to get it! It's a leave-in condish + heat protectant, so I thought it would be the perfect product to use to coat my hair prior to blow-drying.
  • Stretch Hair with braids and Air Dry: This was a critical step for me because I knew that I didn't want to blow dry soaking wet hair. I figured that if my hair was close to being dry and already pretty stretched from braiding, I could minimize the amount of blow-drying I had to do. 

My Straightening Process:

  • Blow Dry hair: My hair was only damp and already a little stretched from braiding, so this step did not take too long. I used this blow-dryer because it was easy to handle and had a comb attachment. I worked in small to medium-sized sections and blow-dried on medium heat, applying more of the Chocolat Blow Dry cream to each section prior to blowing it out.
  • Apply more Heat Protectant: What can I say? I'm paranoid about heat damage so I figured I couldn't get enough heat protectant! After my hair was completely blown out, I sectioned it off for flat ironing and then applied the Carol's Daughter Macadamia heat protecting serum to each section.
  • Flat Iron: I dug out one of the many flat irons I've had since my relaxer days. The one I chose to use has actual temperature settings - it was very important that I could control the temperature I used to flat iron. I flat ironed at 340 degrees. Like I said before, I definitely was not going for bone straight hair because I wanted to flat iron at the lowest possible temperature to get the job done. But since I was not using very high heat, I worked in very small sections to flat iron.

Some old relaxer habits die hard: It's been almost 2 years since I've had fully relaxed hair. Though that seems like a lifetime ago in many respects - the minute my hand gripped that hot flat iron the heat-and-bone-straight-hair lovin' person inside of me started to take control as if I haven't been natural for a year! I say this because I found myself going over sections multiple times to get it as straight as possible - something I used to do back in the day without even thinking about it. I had to keep reminding myself that I don't need it to be bone straight and that I want to get my curls back!

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