One Year Natural! + Length Check (December 2011)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exactly one year ago today I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and watched as my sister chopped off all of my relaxed ends. And when she was done chopping, I was left with somewhere between 4 and a half to 5 inches of 100% natural growth all around on my head (view my very first blog post on my transition to natural!). I remember looking at this newly big-chopped head of hair in the mirror and experiencing a mix of emotions:  I look like a boy. I don't feel pretty. My hair feels dry and thirsty. My hair looks waaaay shorter than it actually is because of shrinkage. Why did I do this again?? Even though I was intrigued by this new relaxer-free texture that I hadn't seen since or felt since childhood, I basically hated how my hair looked that very first week post big chop. I had also begun to get extremely anxious about debuting my natural hair at work after the holidays. Fast forward one year and about 5.5 inches of retained additional growth later - I can't imagine my hair any other way but natural. And now I rock big fluffy hair to work without even batting an eyelash! I've learned so much about my hair and about myself this year, because going through a journey like this is not only a test to how you see yourself in the mirror, but how you project that image to the world with a sense of confidence (whether or not your hair turned out the way you wanted it to that day). I am certainly still learning about my hair, but I feel like the past year has helped me to slowly demystify it.  I am looking forward to more growth in the coming year!

End-of-Year Length Check
Below are my December/End of year 1 length measurements, along with comparisons to previous length checks this year. (Click images to enlarge)

December/End-of-Year 2011 Measurements:
Front - Below chin (approx.10.5 inches)
Back - About armpit length (approx. 9.5 inches)
Side - Approx. 10 inches

View my previous length checks:

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  1. just found your site today. started my natural hair journey in jan after 50 years of relaxers, wigs and weaves. looking at your pictures, looks like looking in the mirror. my hair is little bit shorter than your jan pic. you are in inspiration. u give me hope that my hair will grow. thanks!


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