My First "Tension" Blowout

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tonight in my boredom I decided on a whim to do a light blowout on my braidout stretched hair using the tension blow dry method. I definitely have been wanting to do a blowout at some point this month - since my one year natural anniversary is around the corner on the 21st and I have been chomping at the bit to see my end of year length (the jury's still out on whether I will actually go ahead and straighten/flat iron my hair). Of course, this blowout was completely unplanned. So I wasn't super prepared with products or tools, and I got so caught up in the "bigness" of my hair afterwards that I of course totally forgot to do an actual length check (**rolling my eyes**). Luckily I still had some IC Fantasia heat protectant stashed way in the back of my product drawer from my relaxer days. In addition to a heat protectant, I also applied some sweet almond oil to each section before blow drying. My hair was already pretty stretched from my recent braidout so I went with the tension blow dry method to further stretch the hair (see tension blowout results below). As the name suggests, the tension blow dry method is when you hold a section of hair taut while blow drying that section of hair. I used medium heat and held the blow dryer pretty far away from each section to avoid direct heat on my strands. As you can tell in the pictures, my hair is far from totally straight, and that is why I consider this to be a light blowout. Since this was done on a whim, I of course had no clue what to do with my hair next. So I just braided it up into 8 medium-sized braids and called it a night.

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