From Stretched to Shrunken: The Evolution of My Wash & Go

Monday, December 05, 2011

Although I have been loving the ease of styling and maintaining stretched hair for the past couple of weeks, last night I suddenly had the urge to do a wash and go. Not only was I chomping at the bit to have water saturate my hair, but I sort of also missed the look of my natural curls and kinks. So I did what any other impulsive natural would do on a whim and late on a work night: I jumped in the shower to do my hair instead of just tying down my hair as it was and going to bed. This was my first nighttime wash and go since the last winter season - so I had to once again get used to doing my hair at night and then attempting to preserve the style until the next morning. The biggest difference this time around was my length. When my hair was a shorter, TWA-ish length, I used the multi-pineapple method to preserve my wash and go curls. Now I am able to get most of my hair into one quasi-pineapple (with the help of my loc soc), which is how I preserved this wash and go. Below are pictures of how my hair looked at various stages - from a partially stretched braidout (picture 1), to completely wet (pictures 2 and 5), to an almost dried shrunken state (pictures 3 and 6), to a completely dried and fluffed state the next morning (picture 4). Using the loc soc to pineapple encouraged my next day wash and go hair to be slightly stretched (see pictures 3 and 4 below for a comparison).

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