Could This Be Love? My First Impression of the Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

After seeing many youtube reviews on the Terressentials Organic mud hair wash, and after coming close many times over the past few months to buying it, I finally broke down and ordered a 16oz bottle. And so far - after using it only once - I do not regret my purchase because my hair seems to love this stuff!

Background and Initial Hesitation: I have been intrigued by the idea of clay-based hair products, especially since I've gotten great results from the Rhassoul clay deep treatments I've done in the past. But part of my hesitation with buying this product was that the company highly encourages all customers using the hair wash for the first time to cease using all other hair products (particularly products that aren't all natural) and do several washes with only the hair wash during what they refer to as a "7-day detox period" (learn more about this detox period on the company's FAQ page). While I am all about following product directions, I gave this detox period a slight "side-eye" because I didn't really like the idea of 1) having to stop using every other product I have, even if just for 7 days and 2) having to wash my hair for 7 days straight. I'm just too lazy for that and I really only want to wash my hair when I feel like it! So I did some research on the ingredients (which are awesome!), and then compared several youtube video reviews of the product by naturals who did the 7-day detox period to naturals who skipped the detox period and just integrated the mud wash into their hair care regimen. It didn't take me long to conclude that I would skip this detox period and just move right along with using the product to cleanse my hair on my designated wash days.

What it is: a USDA certified organic bentonite clay-based mud wash, infused with oils and other yummy extracts. Designed to "draw out" dirt and other impurities from the hair while leaving it conditioned after you rinse it out.

What it is not: This is not a shampoo. It contains no sulfates or harsh detergents of any kind. And it does not sud at all like a regular shampoo.

My First Impression: I've only used it once, but so far I really love this mud wash. And if I keep getting the results I did when I first tried it, I can easily see this becoming my staple cleanser. Yep, I loved it that much. Application was really easy - I followed this application method since it was my first time using the mud wash and since I was not doing the detox period. I applied the mud to my hair out of the shower, and then jumped in the shower to rinse. Surprisingly, this mud wash had lots of slip, so detangling with my fingers and my wide tooth comb was a breeze. After I rinsed it out, my hair and scalp felt really clean, but definitely not stripped. My hair felt really soft, and I also couldn't help but notice that my curls were seriously popping! I don't quite fully get the science behind it yet, but my hair seems to really like clay-based products :) After rinsing out the mud wash I followed with my usual night time wash and go routine, and no lie - then next day I seriously had one of the best wash and go hair days ever! My hair was big, bouncy and super curly. It did feel a little crunchier than I prefer, but that was because I got a little happy and carried away with the kinky curly gel and used more than I usually do. But seriously - I loved the definition I got from the mud wash so much that the next time I cleanse with it before a wash and go, I plan to either use way less gel or skip gel altogether and attempt styling with just conditioner only.

Pros: Great all natural and organic ingredients, easy to apply, hair feels clean but not stripped, poppin' curl definition, a little bit of product goes a long way, smell is decent (I got the left coast lemon scent).

Cons: a little on the pricey side, application can get a little messy (if doing it out of the shower), not easily available on the ground (I have to order it online), borderline fear mongering on the company website about the detox period which I gave the side-eye.

Will I repurchase? Too early to tell for sure, but if I keep getting these results I more than likely will repurchase. Update: Yes!!!!!

UPDATE (2/6/2012): The Terressentials mud wash (specifically the left coast lemon scent) has definitely become a part of my wash regimen and is now listed as one of my staple products. To see how I use the mud wash on wash day, check out my Terressentials Mud Wash Application video. I also did a short updated post on my final thoughts about this mud wash.

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  1. Do you mud wash then rinse it out and use a regular shampoo after or are you just using the mud wash as a shampoo and conditioning afterwards ?

    1. Hey there! The mud wash is cleanser so I don't follow with shampoo whenever I use it. I'm addicted to conditioner though (lol), so I'll sometimes follow the mud rinse with a silicone-free conditioner and/or a leave-in conditioner. But the mud wash is pretty moisturizing on its own so conditioning afterwards is not all depends on how your hair feels :) I also have a video showing how I apply the mud wash if you're interested. Hope this helps!


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