Textured Bun: Roll, Tuck and Pin

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For the past couple of days I have been wearing my braidout-stretched hair in a sort of rolled tucked and pinned bun - with the help of a medium-sized banana clip to secure my hair into a loose low ponytail before rolling, tucking and pinning my ends into a bun. This style was not only a great protective style (since all my ends were hidden), but it also was a neat, conservative style for work!

Left side view (click to enlarge)

Right side view (click to enlarge)
How I achieved this bun: First I did an angled side part in the front of my hair - because I personally think that most buns look more interesting (on me) with some kind of part in the front. Then on each side of the part, I gently rolled and tucked the hair at the front of my head backward and then into itself, keeping this roll close to the hair line so that it framed my face. I used bobby pins to secure the rolled and tucked hair along the way. Because there was more hair gathered on the left side of my head as a result of the side part I made on the right side, rolling and tucking it formed a small pompadour of sorts. Doing this killed two birds with one stone for me: 1. It gave what would have been an otherwise plain ponytail bun a more romantic look, which for me took the style up a few notches, and 2. The front of my hair tends to not behave when I try to do lower buns - mostly because I don't use a brush and the help of some kind of gel to slick it back. So rolling and tucking it this way allows me to easily gather my hair into lower ponytails or buns with just my hands and a few bobby pins. After both front/sides are rolled, tucked and pinned in place, I then gather the rest of my hair into a low ponytail and secure with a medium-sized banana clip. When doing ponytails with banana clips, I like to put them in horizontally so that I can spread out the bulk of my ponytail for maximum comfort (I hate tight ponytails!). Once secured in the banana clip, I moisturized the ends of the ponytail, rolled it upwards (as if setting it on an imaginary roller) and then pinned it in place. Since I was going for a "textured" bun look, I wasn't concerned with this bun being perfect at all. However, since this was a "protective" style, my main priority was to ensure that none of the ends of my hair were exposed - but rather tucked and hidden for the day. 

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