October Puff

Monday, October 24, 2011

Since my most recent twist-out, I have sort of been in a rut on how I should style my hair. Of course, I could always just twist it up again - but the truth is that I've been totally procrastinating the inevitable feat of sitting still for a few hours to get the actual twisting over with. I also kind of wanted to do something different in the way of styling, but I haven't quite figured that out yet. So for the last week or so, the puff has been my best friend! Since I've basically just been puff-ing it, I decided to post a comparison of my puff this month to my puff back in January. Looking at the January pic, I remember what a production it was to get my then-growing-TWA into a neat puff for work. Now almost 10 months later, throwing my hair up into a puff is a breeze! And apparently also a hairstyle life saver :)

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