Went Into Battle With My Hair...And Won :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is the amount of shed hair that I removed
in this detangling battle. 
Earlier this week, my hair was a tangled dirty mess. And I knew that when I finally got around to detangling, I would be going into battle with my hair.

See what had happened was..... I went home to visit family last week and I wore my hair in a puff the whole time. For me, the puff is the easiest style to turn to when I have no idea how to style my hair, when I am short on product (like when you travel and don't check any bags so you can't bring full-sized bottles of anything) or just short on time. But when I puff an old wash and go for too many days in a row and on top of that skip my normal prepoo-detangle-wash routine, the middle of my hair starts to get tangled at the roots.

So this week's detangling session was a quite a PROCESS because it had been almost 3 weeks since I last thoroughly detangled. I had to go at it slowly, take extra care as I combed through, and work in even smaller sections than I usually have to. Why is this such a big deal? Because it is times like these when it becomes easy  (in bouts of impatience and frustration) to just rip and tear out my hair. So I make it a point to detangle in an orderly, methodical fashion that encourages me to keep calm, take it slow, and save my hair from mutilation...LOL.

As usual, I detangled during the pre-poo phase of my wash routine - something I started doing more consistently back in July (click for my previous post on my pre-poo routine).  I started with my usual 8 sections, finger detangled, and then broke those sections down into even smaller sections before further detangling with my mason pearson comb. Usually detangling doesn't take me more than 45 mins to an hour from start to finish. But this time - since I was taking extra care and working with much smaller sections than I normally do - detangling took FOREVER. But even though I did go into battle with my hair, I declare a victory because in the end I did not lose that much shed hair in the process....yaaaay!

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