Washed Twists and a Re-do

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last week, I kept my twists in for the entire week (6 days to be exact....woot!). I maintained them by wrapping them each night before bedtime like I described in my previous post. But by the end of the week the roots of my hair were beginning to look fuzzy and I also really started to feel like I needed to cleanse my scalp. So I washed and conditioned my twists with the intention of re-twisting them for the new week. Because I kept in the twists during the process, my wash routine was a breeze. The only thing I regret is waiting until the next day to re-twist (laziness took over as usual, so I put off re-twisting until the next day). So what ended up happening is that my hair shrunk up on itself in the twists as it dried overnight - and the fly away strands of hair that loosened from my twists while washing also shrunk and curled up on itself and around each twist (see pic below). When I finally got around to twisting the next day, I was met with annoying tangles that I had to detangle before re-doing each twist. This slowed down my re-twisting process tremendously - as if I didn't already twist super slow! Oh well, its another natural hair lesson learned - won't make that mistake again (eyes rolling).

Freshly Washed and Conditioned Twists

Freshly washed twists, still damp. 
I should have re-twisted at this stage
but I allowed them dry before
re-twisting. (big mistake)
See those cute little loose stray hairs
dangling outside of each twist?
Yeah, they weren't so cute the next
day when they curled up into tangles!

Twists Re-done for Week 2
These pics were taken the day after I re-did them. I wrapped them overnight to stretch them a bit.

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