Rhassoul Clay Conditioning Mask Update

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I did my first rhassoul clay deep treatment back in January and I loved how it made my hair look and feel. So of course I ended up incorporating it into my regimen. Its not something I do frequently (its a gloss treatment that I've only done about 5 times this year), but when I do it I love how it leaves my hair shiny and my curls popping. What I don't love about it is how messy the application process can get!

Today I really wanted to do a Rhassoul clay gloss treatment using my favorite mix from Butters-n-Bars, but I was not really looking forward to getting red clay all over my bathroom in the process of applying it like I always seem to. So this time I decided to change up a few aspects of my application process in an effort to minimize the mess. Normally, I apply the clay mixture to dripping wet, freshly washed hair with my hands, which has proven to be a formula for red clay dripping everywhere! This time I decided to apply the clay mixture to damp (almost dry) hair using an inexpensive applicator brush I picked up from Sally's Beauty Supply - the same kind of brush used to smooth on relaxer. And ironically, I pretty much applied the clay in the same way that I used to see my stylist apply my relaxer back in the day! LOL.

In the end, using the brush gave me way more control over the application of the clay to my hair. And because my hair wasn't dripping wet this time, the clay stayed on my hair instead of dripping all over my clothes and my bathroom floor.  The mess was minimal since I didn't really get red clay all over the place, so cleanup was a breeze!
My tools: small bowl to mix the clay gloss, spoon, duckbill clip
and most important...my applicator brush!!

"Naked hair" after rinsing out the clay.
Curls were poppin', soft and shiny!!

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