In Twists Again...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Is this becoming a trend? ***raises eyebrow***

This is now the fourth time I've put my hair in twists since my first attempt at twists back in May. I never thought I'd ever actually get to this point, but I am beginning to really like wearing my hair in twists. And after spending hours this weekend twisting up my hair, I also realized that I don't even completely dread the process doing twists anymore like I once did. It seems like putting my hair in twists is becoming a once-a-month thing for me and definitely something I like to do when I need a break from doing my hair (I usually keep my twists in for around 4-5 days before washing again). I can also see twists becoming a go-to protective style in the colder winter months which are around the corner. Now don't get it twisted (pun intended), it still took me forever and a day to do (about 5 hours broken up over two days). But this time the twisting process did not annoy me as much. And I am really happy with the results :)

Not sure what led to this moment of serendipity, but I think there might have been a couple of things at play:

  • I am more comfortable with twisting. By no means am I a twisting pro, but I am definitely getting more comfortable with doing it now than I was on my first attempt. I still twist slower than molasses though.  
  • I have more length to work with. As I gain more length, I find that twisting is becoming easier to do. I remember when my hair was shorter and I was probably doing my twists way too big, many of my twists would just unravel like I didn't even do anything. Thankfully those days of woe seem to be going away!
  • I broke the twisting process down to manageable parts. I find that when I section off my hair and just twist section by section, the whole task doesn't seem so daunting. 
  • I kept myself distracted the whole time. Literally. On day 1 of twisting I watched like 3 movies back-to-back to help pass the time. And on day 2, I finished twisting up my hair while planted in front of the TV at a friend's house. Twisting my hair became something I did while I was really doing something else more entertaining :) 

Day 1 - Twists freshly done (Click photos to enlarge)

Night Time Maintenance: Wrapped twists (Click photos to enlarge)
First I lightly spritz my hair with water and then seal with an oil, concentrating on the ends. Then using bobby pins to secure my twists in place, I literally wrapped my twists like I used to wrap my hair when it was relaxed and then tie it down with a satin scarf for bedtime. This keeps the twists stretched and helps them to fall the way I want them to the next day (I learned this awesome technique from one of my favorite youtube vloggers in this video). If necessary, I also will re-twist a couple of my twists if they are looking too fuzzy or not neat - something that tends to happen my nape area.

Next Day Twists (Click photos to enlarge)

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