Another Length Comparison

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was looking through some old pictures that I took of my hair back in January, shortly after my big chop and around the time I started documenting my journey through this blog. When I came across the picture below and compared it side-by-side to a picture I took recently from the same angle, I couldn't believe just how much my hair has grown (or rather, how much length I've managed to retain) in an 8 month stretch! This is exactly the reason I document my hair growth and journey in pictures - because for me, seeing the difference visually helps to keep me going in spite of the day-to-day frustrations or set-backs I may have with my hair. Though I just did an actual length check recently (click here to view my September length check), the below side-by-side comparison picture shows my overall growth in 8 months from a different angle while my hair is in its shrunken (i.e,  not stretched), curly state.

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