Twist-Out + A Few Style Variations

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today I undid my twists and styled them a few different ways throughout the day. Last night when I finally took down the twisted-pinned-updo style I had been wearing all week, my twists were sticking up and out in all different directions. Since I knew I wanted to do a twist-out for the weekend, I had to prepare my twists last night for today's twist-out so that my hair would "fall / hang" the way I wanted it to. I did this by first spritzing my hair with water to moisturize it and then sealed with coconut oil. Then, using a few bobby pins, I pinned down the most unruly twists (so they would all lay in a downward direction) prior to wrapping my head in a satin scarf for bed. When I removed my satin scarf this morning, my twists were laying down and well behaved! Below are a pics of the twist-out with a few simple style variations.

Twist-out definition, not fully separated
A few twists pinned up on one side
Fully separated and pinned up in back
Fluffed and separated, front view
Fluffed and separated, side view
Pinned back in front with a comb clip
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