All Twisted Up Again

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yesterday after I did my normal wash routine I decided to put my hair in twists. I wanted to attempt this again after I had success on my second try in June (click to see my June post). It took me about 4 hours to complete (like last time) but this time I knew it would take that long going into twisting - so I wasn't as mad at myself and the world as I was the last time. Besides, I didn't mind investing the time in twisting because 1) I was bored and not planning to go anywhere yesterday evening, 2) I definitely plan on keeping these in all week to avoid having to deal with my hair. Don't get me wrong - I love doing my hair and for the most part I cant seem to keep my hands out of it, but every now and then (like this week) I get into one of those moods where I just need a break. And putting my hair in these twists lets me have that break.

While I don't consider myself a twisting pro by any means, I now sort of have a twisting process that I think works for me. I basically start with my hair in my normal 8 sections. I've only ever done twists on wash day so usually when I start twisting my hair is already in these sections. Then I break each section up into even smaller sections and then twist. Using sections help me maintain some order to twisting and it makes it easier for me to keep each twist relatively the same size as I go along. This time when I was finished I counted about 90 twists in total! That seems like alot but my individual strands border on fine (although I have alot of densely-packed strands) so when twisted up it doesn't appear to have that much volume.

The only sort of annoying thing with my hair when I twist it is that some of the twists themselves start to curl up at the ends instead of hanging down completely (gotta love shrinkage!). This especially happens in the back of my hair at the nape area where my shrinkage is the most dramatic. Another annoying thing that sometimes happens when I twist my hair is some of my twists do not stay twisted and begin to unravel at the ends. Again, this seems to happen most in the back at the nape area (although it happens randomly in other areas of my head). But I minimize this huge annoyance by doing my twists pretty small. I find that when I do my twists smaller the whole unraveling thing doesn't happen that much.

Products I used: Instead of using a leave-in conditioner this time, I sealed my hair with coconut oil. I then detangled each secion before twisting using Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee (that stuff is great!). The reason why you want to make sure each section of hair is thoroughly detangled before you twist it up is because it will make for a much more defined and tangle-free twist-out. To twist I used Donna Marie Dream Curling creme mixed with a little aloe vera gel for a light hold. Then I twirled the ends adding a little more gel if needed to make sure the twist doesn't unravel (my hair is good for that mess....**gives the side-eye**)

Below are more pics of my twists. I'll be sure to post pics of any styles I do with these twists throughout the week, and of course I will post pics of the twist out!

Back view of twists
My ends appear to be in good shape for the most part.
Front stretched + creepy intense stare :)
Back stretched - see the crazy shrinkage?!?!

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