Twist-out Results

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

After wearing my hair in twists for 4 days, I took the twists down and ended up rocking a twist out for the rest of the week. I twisted my hair while it was still wet using a mix of leave-in conditioner and a light gel for some hold. Because I left the twists in for so many days they had ample opportunity to thoroughly dry, and so the resulting twist-out was very defined. I also didn't have to do much to preserve my twist out overnight - I simply slept in a satin bonnet and then shook it out in the morning. I would also use 2 or 3 bobby pins to pin back certain areas of hair (mainly the sides) so I could achieve the shape I was going for. Here are some pics!

While the twisting my hair took me forever, I think the days I was able to get out of rocking the twists and the resulting twist out made the time invested all worth it!

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